Market research for foodservice companies

Established in 1988, Sandelman is a market research and consulting firm dedicated to providing foodservice companies with the consumer information and market intelligence they need to direct and refine their marketing and operational efforts. Read about our leadership team below.

Leadership at Sandelman

Clay Raymer, National Sales Manager

Clay joined Sandelman to lead our sales efforts.  His primary goal is to understand your research and consumer insight needs.  We are not a provider of canned reports or secondary research. Clay’s job is to determine if there is a fit between your needs and our extensive market based data and insights that can be packaged into highly efficient and effective consumer insight solutions that are customized to meet your needs.  Clay started his career at ad agencies Barkley and Bernstein Rein as an Account Executive. In addition to learning the advertising and marketing ropes, he excelled because he was a good listener who asks the right questions to move beyond filling a request to filling the underlying need.  A few minutes spent with Clay will be well worth your time.

Beverly Cain, President

Bev Cain is president of Sandelman. She leads an expert team to uncover actionable insights from the firm’s syndicated and proprietary studies. Since inception in 1988, Sandelman has believed in local, helping clients of all sizes to make the most of each opportunity at the media market level. Prior to joining Sandelman in 2009, Ms. Cain worked for Morey Evans Advertising, where she served as CFO, research director and account supervisor on several key restaurant accounts during her tenure at the agency. She was instrumental in guiding Quiznos to national media and developing consumer-based new product research in the late 90s, contributing to exponential growth. Sandelman was a trusted partner while working for Good Times too.

Roberta Long, Senior Research Analyst

Roberta works closely with clients in the design of proprietary projects as well as on the analysis of syndicated and proprietary research. She is also a veteran of the chain restaurant industry having managed consumer research for AFC Enterprises and Church’s Chicken. Roberta has extensive experience with trade area studies, price elasticity, brand image and loyalty, and promotion tracking metrics. Whether it is project design or analysis, Roberta knows how to capture and report information in an easily digestible way that delivers the insightful information marketers need to make effective marketing and brand management decisions.

Blayne Howser, Director, Client Development

Blayne’s responsibilities include the analysis, reporting, and presentation of Quick-Track and Casual-Track syndicated research studies. She brings a thorough understanding of the challenges that face chain restaurant marketers with over 15 years of consumer insights experience in chain restaurant marketing. Most recently Blayne worked with the family and casual-dining chains in American Blue Ribbon Holdings’ portfolio. She also has extensive QSR experience having starting her career with a large McDonald’s franchisee. She has a deep understanding of all forms of marketing research and other consumer feedback channels and she brings all of her practical experience to her analysis that is as insightful as it is actionable.

Dan Brusco, Vice President of Information Services

Dan leads the Sandelman information services group. This team processes all survey results – – from data collection to warehousing to reports to the company’s online analysis tools. He has over 30 years’ experience in the information services industry. Dan designed the Sandelman data warehouse environment and multidimensional analysis solution, which allows customers to slice and dice Quick-Track and Casual-Track data to uncover information about their customers and their competition. Dan is always looking for technological ways to help make our clients smarter and he is happy to work clients to automate or customize easy-to-use reports, dashboards, or integrated IT solutions.

Robert L. Sandelman, Chairman of the Board

Bob Sandelman is the founder of the company and he is active in guiding the company’s overall strategic direction. He has a life-long interest in invention and innovation and he pioneered the use of desktop computing and automation of syndicated research reporting for the restaurant industry. Sandelman was founded in 1988 and has been exclusively focused on the restaurant industry for 30 years.

Bob has more than 45 years of marketing and advertising management experience in a variety of consumer product and service industries. He is considered to be one of the leading experts on foodservice market research and is widely quoted in major publications including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, USA Today, Advertising Age and more. Mr. Sandelman has also been a speaker at several foodservice industry forums and conferences.