Custom research

Sandelman conducts a wide variety of custom QSR and casual dining research programs. Projects range from trade area surveys to promotion tracking, and more.

Promotion tracking

Our proprietary Promotion Tracking Studies provide feedback on awareness and trial of fast-food promotions among a representative group of QSR users. To help subscribers evaluate a restaurant chain's communications, the study provides future purchase intent, advertising and promotion ratings from those respondents who are aware of the promotion, and performance ratings from promotion triers.

You'll gain insights into questions like these: Was the ad effective? Did customers like the product? Who tried the product? Did promotion triers order additional items? What impact did the promotion have on the brand?

Methodology: 1,000 to 2,000 Internet interviews per promotion period among a representative sample of past-month users. Quotas are set for age, gender and race to reflect the marketplace. A large sample size is necessary to supply adequate sample for promotion trier feedback.

For a proposal, email Clay Raymer  or call (888) 897-7881, ext. 2. 


Brand image

The Brand Image and Loyalty Tracking Study helps fast-food and casual dining chains better understand connections between brand image and customer loyalty. The proprietary studies examine chain usage, chain loyalty and chain image. Sandelman's Brand Image and Loyalty Study is conducted online among a representative sample for a chain's market area.

Will customers purchase from you more or less in the future? Who has more loyal customers, you or your competitor? What percentage of your customers are loyal vs. at risk? How are you positioned against the competition in the minds of customers?

Specific chains are rated on a battery of food, service, occasion and personality measures. Attribute lists can be customized to meet a chain's needs.

For a proposal, email Clay Raymer  or call (888) 897-7881, ext. 2. 


Trade area

For restaurant chain brands with some lightly penetrated markets, Trade Area Studies provide a good indication of how a brand is performing at the local and regional level. Unlike Sandelman's syndicated DMA studies (Quick-Track and Casual-Track), Trade Area Studies sample only a brand's trade areas or where it does business. That way, decision makers are more likely to survey customers - - and potential customers - - to learn how their brand and the competition is performing in the market.

Trade Area Studies measure brand and ad awareness, purchase level and purchase frequency, share, overall rating and customer satisfaction attribute ratings, demographics and last purchase occasion dynamics.

For a proposal, email Clay Raymer  or call (888) 897-7881, ext. 2. 



Sandelman's proprietary Price/Value Studies provide consumer feedback on a variety of promotional offers, including the impact of price and value on purchase intent. If you need to know which promotion will be most successful in driving transactions among particular user groups or demographic groups, then Sandelman's Price/Value Studies are for you.

Separate samples are exposed to different promotions and are asked to rate each on measures such as taste, value, affordability, meeting your needs better than other fast-food or casual dining offers, and the likelihood of purchase. Several promotions can be studied using the same custom questionnaire. These studies can be conducted on a market by market basis.

For a proposal, email Clay Raymer  or call (888) 897-7881, ext. 2.